Top of mind, June 2nd

Last week Meta’s ergonomics team from Menlo Park flew over to our office to adjust our workplaces. I received recommendations to raise my screen and to lower my desk so my shoulders stay relaxed. They also swapped my Herman Miller Aeron chair from size M to L because I am tall. I had been feeling a little tension in my hips, but I didn’t realize chairs come in different sizes. My keyboard (kinesis freestyle2) and mouse (logitech mx master 3) were already good, but a couple of colleagues were recommended to try the same keyboard as I have because their wrists feel uncomfortable.

By the way, all the equipment can be ordered from Meta’s internal store with just a few clicks and it will be delivered just in a few days (mine arrived in a day), and you don’t need to pay for it.

This week I closed 7 diffs, wrote 962 lines of code, and reviewed 9 diffs, which is in line with the average numbers of my team. Managers at Meta monitor these metrics because low numbers without a good reason will make ppl doubt an employee’s contribution to the team. Senior+ engineers might have lower numbers because they have more responsibilities than just writing code.

Also, I got my team hooked on padel. After I mentioned that I play padel and that it’s easier than tennis, the team wanted to try it. I organized games over the past two weeks, and now the team suggests playing every week.

Next week I plan to focus on shipping more code for my project as deadline in 3 weeks and there is more work than I expected.