Top of mind, May 19th

On Tuesday I graduated from bootcamp and took on my first project. According to my team, it should take me about 4 weeks to complete.

My project is about migrating one of our Python services to a new ORM and asyncio.

On Thursday afternoon I drafted a development plan, on Friday I validated it with the team and started development.

Next week will be slightly shorter due to holidays in the Netherlands but I still aim to deliver the first milestone of my project.

What I like about Meta is the autonomy I have to lead the project as I want and work during hours that suit me best. My colleagues and manager don’t really care about the details, as long as the project gets done successfully. And there are no unnecessary intermediaries like product owners, business analysts, or scrum masters who just complicate the process and make engineers less independent.

On the personal side, my mom came to the Netherlands for three weeks! The very next day she started cooking traditional Russian meals for us because she knows how we love it. My wife and I have tried many times making some dishes ourselves but we have never managed to make them close to how our mothers cook.

I continue my BJJ lessons and after around 10 fights I finally got my opponent to tap. Exciting!